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Hello and welcome! It truly is a pleasure. I am Farina, a dedicated Healer, Intuitive and Holistic Counsellor. It is my mission to serve those who are struggling with their health and wellbeing finding balance in their lives. I specialize in treating empaths and highly sensitive individuals. I have expertise treating individuals with anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, burnout, chronic pain and illness. I am a Registered Social Worker from Vancouver BC. I am a Gifted Energy Healer and Certified Reiki II Practitioner, and Crystal Healer. 


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

Treatments and Services

Long Distance Energy Healing Session

I offer a very deep healing experience to heal dis-ease, traumas, mental-emotional-physical -illness at the root. I release attachments, etheric cords, imprints, karmic ties, ancestral trauma which allows you to move forward in life. I also offer healing on a cellular DNA level and 3D to 5D soul ignition sessions.

I help you become the best version of you!

Long Distance Reiki Chakra Session

I offer energy and chakra balancing distant reiki sessions. I bring your energy centers back into equilibrium. I work on clearing stuck and trapped emotions in your organs allowing your body to heal itself.

Holistic E-Counselling

I help you identify the root issues affecting your mental and physical health which are creating emotional and spiritual issues. We work together to overcome the issues by using various diffferent approaches 

Rock in Sand


The first thing I would like to comment on is Farina’s genuine caring and empathy,  which I felt throughout the course. This helped me feel listened to whenever I had a question to ask, and it help me feel relaxed and at ease for the duration of the course.


I particularly appreciated that there were a lot of practical exercises and meditations in each course. It helped me stay focused. It has helped me feel calmer in these moments of stress. Finally, I also enjoyed the meditations and the reiki each class. It helped me feel grounded. I looked forward to the class every week, and I would very much recommend this course to anyone looking to understand stress and learn tools to manage and overcome stress.

Salma A

Farina crossed paths with me when I was undergoing a turbulent time in my life. I was experiencing anxiety , which was increasing by the day, and was on the verge of depression. My body was shutting down and I was going through intense body tremors . I was altogether lost and overwhelmed .Having been communicating with her , she taught me what it was my body was going through and how my body was expressing itself. She has not only been providing me with ongoing counsel and support , but she has gone a layer deeper to help me heal through Reiki . There is so much healing power through communication and support itself , but when combined with reiki it can be transformative . That is what I can say the most about this experience with her. She has provided me with techniques and practices that have helped me balance and align myself .She has taught me how to mother my inner child with unconditional love . Moreover, how to recognize , respect and honor certain emotions that are felt and allow them to pass through the body so that they are not stuck and blocked. She has also made me aware of the way my thoughts work and how to take control of that element as well as it can create your reality and prevent you from progressing . In short , this journey with Farina has been beautiful and has allowed me to shift . I’m in a better place today and its thanks to her ! 


Farina is a gifted healer. I was going through a crisis in my life and I literally needed emergency assitance. In addition to her extensive knowledge in treating anxiety she is also a social worker by qualifcation and training. Farina was able to connect with me all the way from Vancouver. She held several group reiki sessions over zoom I was among the participants.

Waleed S

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